New Online Continuing Education Class

MFRI has changed vendors for the online continuing education class. The new vendor HSI “Health and Safety Institute” provides courses in one-hour blocks. As a result of this change, students will have two options. Please be sure to register for the correct course.

OPTION 1 Course Number EMS 204- FULL 12 HOURS- Will Appear on MFRI Transcript

This option consists of 12 one - hour courses and meets the MIEMSS requirements for 4 hours Medical, 4 Hours Trauma, 4 Hours Local. The student must complete all 12 hours to receive credit from MFRI. Please see the full list of classes in the Additional Information Section below.

Registration for this option will take place through the Seminar Schedule. Registration will close the 10th of each month. Students will then receive a notification of their log in information from HSI. On the 15th of the month if you have not received an email, please check your junk/spam folders. You will have until the 30th of the following month to complete the course work. For example

  • Registration closes: September 10.
  • Classes available from: September 15th-October 30th
  • Course will be uploaded to the student’s transcript prior to November 15th.
  • Registration: Opens September 10th and closes October 10th
  • Classes Available from: October 15th-November 30th
  • Course uploaded to the students’ transcript prior to December 15th.

OPTION 2 Course Number EMS 208- INDIVIDUAL COURSES- Will NOT appear on MFRI Transcript

With this option, the students can take as many or as few courses as they need to meet their recertification requirements. For example, if a student only needs 1 hour of trauma and 3 hours of medical, they would only need to complete those classes. The student will be given a menu of courses to select from. It will be up to the student to make sure they select classes in the category(s) that they need. The student will also be responsible for saving the certificates at the end of each course and uploading them to your MIEMSS account. These courses will not show up on the MFRI transcript.


The 12 classes selected to meet MIEMSS Requirements include:


You will also have access to other courses in the HSI Catalog until September 1, 2021. You are free to take as many classes as you would like. Please note, the only documentation that will appear on your MFRI transcript is the completion of the full 12 hours under Option 1 above.