Center Overview


The University of Maryland, nationally recognized for advanced technology research, has formed the Center for Firefighter Safety Research and Development. This Center has extensive resources and expertise making it uniquely qualified to carry out the mission of improving firefighter safety through the research and development of effective solutions in response to the need for vast improvements.

As first responders to all types of emergencies and homeland security threats, the fire service must stop attempting to do a highly demanding job with out-dated tools. Numerous technological advancements are currently available that could improve firefighter safety. The fire service must obtain and focus resources on adapted these technologies in ways that will improve firefighter safety, threat assessment, on scene communications, and accountability.

Center for Firefighter Safety Research and Development research directly addresses operational issues identified in 9/11 events. Long-term outcomes of this research will not only benefit the fire service, but also the entire first responder community. Specific steps will be followed in order to assure successful research outcomes: