National Registry Exam Preparation Information


We encourage you to register for the Platinum Education program to prepare for the National Registry exam. You signed up for Platinum Education at the beginning of your EMT class but did not have access until the class was completed. You are encouraged to take as many practice exams as possible before going to NREMT testing. There is a significant correlation between students completing Platinum Education exams and NREMT exam success. Platinum Education uses prior NREMT exam questions and generates feedback from your exams to show your strengths and weaknesses. Your access will be available for one year.

Instructions to access Platinum Education testing are at: NREMT Assessment Student Registration Instructions

Additionally, you must now register for the National Registry EMT test to complete the process you began with your MFRI EMT course. You also created an account with the NREMT at the beginning of your EMT course. You must now apply to take the National Registry EMT exam (or the Assessment-EMT if you are under 18 years old).

Instructions to apply for the National Registry exam are at: Computer Adaptive Practice Testing Student Registration Instructions

Click here for a video explaining how to prepare for the National Registry exam: Preparing for Your Certification Exam